Corporate Finance

We provide a comprehensive introduction process to the raising of new finance on the Capital Markets. We look to find a suitable project from within the collective knowledge and experience of the business that can be used to develop the business quickly and successfully, and we build a new and vibrant business plan about it.

We will look for the Finance, Grants and Tax Credits from the Market and the Governmental Services. We have an extensive database of the current providers of Capital Finance in Ireland today and can also offer direct access to capital

We assist with Mergers and Acquisitions – Buying or selling a business advisory, private equity transactions, cross border investments, industrial consolidation, debt refinancing, corporate structuring, capital procurement and information prospectus preparation.

Investment Transaction Advisory Services – due diligence investigation services, financial reviews, investigating accountant’s reports, forecast reviews, management assessment and review, data reviews

Investment Valuations – Independent valuations and expert reports, purchase price assessments, employee share plans, intangible assets valuations, disputes and litigation support, impairment assessments and tax assessment and consolidation.

Tax Credits

Tax Credits from the Revenue Commissioners – Research and Development Tax Credits

Did you know you can recover your tax to the tune of 37.5% of your research and Development expenditure?

  1. EIIS – Enterprise Investment and Incentive Scheme
  2. SEED Capital
    Did you know that if you cease work to set up a new business, you can reclaim all the income tax that you paid in the last six years of employment?
  3. Capital Allowances
    Did you know that expenditure on Buildings, Plant, Machinery, Equipment, Fixtures, Fittings and vehicles all attract tax deductible capital allowances which can be claimed over the useful life of the assets? Various rates will apply depending on the nature and extent of the assets.

Grant Aid:

We are experienced in providing advice to businesses seeking Grant Aid.

Sources of Grant Aid include:

  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Local Enterprise Board
  • EU 8th Program
  • Research and Development Tax Credits
  • Government Grants – High Potential Start-Ups

Did you know that there are special Government grants in place for High Potential Start-Ups? These are businesses with the potential to developing an innovative product or service for sale on international markets and creating 10 jobs and €1m in sales within 3 to 4 years of starting up.

Government Grants – Established Enterprises

There is a broad range of different grants and supports available to small, medium and large companies operating in Ireland. Enterprise Ireland is the main source of these grants, but other E.U agencies also have funds on offer.

Environmental Grants

Demand for Environmental Grants for environmentally friendly products and services have increased dramatically over the last few years. There are a number of grants available to help improve the environmental impact of your business and products.

County Enterprise Boards

There is a wide range of support services available from your local County Enterprise Board, including Advice & Mentoring, Training, Networking and Financial Advice.

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