Business knowledge that is attuned to your business needs. Elite’s skilled staff have extensive knowledge and connections within your industry and the regulatory knowledge to keep you safe. Keeping the authorities at arm’s length by filing fully audited returns on a timely basis and supporting you in creating a robust control environment for your business to operate within.


Insightful, intelligent gathering of data in order to identify the issues and give advice and solutions that are delivered through an expert analysis of your finances and the drivers determining your Business growth. We encourage the preparation of timely accounts on a monthly basis and annual financial reports for you and your finance providers.


The professional tax advisors team is one of the longest standing client groups within Elite. With insight across a myriad of local and international tax legislation and tax treaties and their implications for business, the professional tax team provides insightful advice and intelligent solutions, delivered by experts who understand the dynamics of the tax both at home, across the EU and the larger world of international relations.

Corporate Secretarial

The professional corporate secretarial team have a deep insight across the regulatory environment for business that enables them to provide insightful advice and intelligent solutions. The obligation on business clients and directors to keep the company legally compliant, not least its statutory records, is overwhelming. Supporting you in your role as director to meet your obligations in Company law, our team act in a robust way to ensure that you are always ready when the authorities come in or the situation demands it.

Corporate Finance

With an appreciation of the intricacies of business, Elite’s skilled staff will guide you through the complexities of today’s financial world. Planning the future of your business, raising capital, monitoring activity, recording performance, interpreting and controlling the results. We build the prospectus that you need to present to prospective investors who will participate in the future growth of the business.

Corporate Recovery

Elite, through its staff members, has a long tradition of supporting business clients and providing them with a high quality accounting and business support service to sort out all those problems created by bad practices build up over the years. Our staff have many years’ experience of working with our clients and a practical understanding of the issues and challenges faced in developing their businesses. We combine our industry insight with a thorough understanding of you and your business to deliver an exceptional service by experts who care.

Owning your own business?

Have you dreamed about being your own boss? Have you carried out an assessment to see if your business idea will be a success? Before you get all excited, there are some things to remember that will keep you grounded. All too often, budding entrepreneurs forget figure...

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Referral of Non-Compliant Tax Cases to Penalties and VAT

The Revenue Department covering late payments, returns and penalties is the Penalties and VAT Prosecutions Unit covering P35/VAT Compliance and Local Property Tax.

A civil penalty can also be imposed on an Employer who fails to make a return as provided for in Section 79 of the Finance (Local Property Tax) Act 2012 where a direction under Section 65 of the Finance (Local Property Tax) Act 2012 had been received.

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Ten ways to inspire your team

Many people feel constricted at work and are looking for validation. Not only do they want to be listened to, it is vital that they know that their contributions are being noticed, valued and not taken for granted. This is not for the sake of attention. They want to...

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Keeping a Transport & Logistics company right up to the minute

Abberley Transport & Logistics provides a Euro-wide service from its headquarters in Dublin. The company worked on extremely tight margins that required it to be highly organised in the production of timely information.

Brown Bread Catering

Brown Bread Catering had seven successful retail outlets, in addition to a manufacturing facility. When recession hit, the hospitality industry was very badly affected and some outlets closed. We assisted them to protect the future of their business by concentrating on their successful outlets and developing a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which helped them focus on the most important elements of their business.

Aiding a Commercial Vehicles to grow ten-fold

Andromeda Commercial Vehicles was a successful business within their industry, but had ambitions to restore the growth for the company after suffering a big drop in business with the Financial Crises 2008-2014.

Building a Telecoms for the export expansion trail

Total Telecoms operates in the field of instrumentation and broadband based technologies for the telecoms industry. After successfully building the company within the Irish market, they sought to expand into the U.K. and the larger European Union Single market.

Preparing ProPharma for takeover

ProPharma is a life sciences company that incubated in one of the universities based in the Greater Dublin Area. The developed a set of unique patentable products. In accordance with the business plan of the company’s founders, they required funding to grow the specialist business and needed to develop the company in anticipation of eventual takeover.

I would strongly recommend Patrick and his Elite team to any business owner who wants a dependable financial management solution, who is a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Shorthall

Founder at The Iceberg, The Iceberg

Cool, calm and collected. Patrick and his Elite team brings a wealth of business planning & strategy to our fast growing company.

Michael Martyn

Investor Consultant Volunteer, Company

I was deeply impressed by Patrick and the Elite Team’s discretion, utter professionalism, care for his clients and willingness to share his deep knowledge.

Paul O’Connor

Designer and Facilitator of Immersive Business Games, Immersive Business Games

When running Novara I worked with Pat for many years. He is very much attuned to the needs of a growing SME and is always available for a chat. He is very personable and a great listener.

Eoin Costello

Job Role, Startup Ireland

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